Adventuring in New Zealand – Part the 18th (Tuesday)

My last full day in New Zealand was spent, you guessed it, on a bus. We left Queenstown in the rain and drove through miles and miles of soggy landscape. The leaves are turning so there were occasional “pops of colour” as they say on Pinterest. 


We drove by Mount Cook, but the bus windows were completely fogged over and the cloud cover was really low. We stopped at Lake Tekapo for a lunch break. Lake Tekapo is known for having the clearest skies and best star gazing in the country, as shown on the postcards and magnets:


This was my view:



The bus got into Christchurch around 5:30. It was amazing and sad to see the damage that is still present from the earthquake in 2012. 



My hotel was in the middle of the very damaged zone. It’s been open a week. It’s a pod hotel with tiny super modern rooms:


I did have to call the front desk to figure out how to turn off the mood lighting.  

On my short walk through the city, I saw Boarded up buildings mixed with new construction. The people I spoke to at the hotel seemed very optimistic about the future of the city. It was a sobering reminder that the geological forces that created the awesome scenery I’ve seen can also destroy it (and anything on top). 

I hope it comes back soon. It seems like a really beautiful city. 


I have just about saturated on stunning vistas so I think it’s time to go home. And I’m leaving knowing I’m saving some for next time. 


~ by Genevieve on April 22, 2015.

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