Adventuring in New Zealand – Part the 17th (Monday)

Monday started much the way Sunday ended – with buckets of rain falling from the sky. Unlike the day before, the clouds hung low giving the mountains a very moody feel. This was the view from breakfast at the lodge:


In Saturday’s post, I mentioned that there were only 2 permanent waterfalls on the fjord. When it rains (as it often does), Milford Sound has hundreds or thousands of waterfalls. And a super gothic atmosphere:



Monday’s plan was to take a cruise around Milford Sound. It’s pretty much the thing everyone does. So I boarded the Lady Bowen and took off. 

The boat went right along the coast, so we were able to get up close and personal with several waterfalls, including the one I kayaked under on Sunday:


The locals all joke it is a fountain of youth and can remove 10 years. I’ve now been under it three times, so I’m officially only a few months old. No wonder I got carded at the bar yesterday. 

Happily, the waters were still calm – at least until we got to the Tasman. Things you don’t want to hear over the intercom on a boat: “Well that was a big one. Hope you were holding on!” I had taken my dramamine so I was only a little green. Let’s call it sea foam green rather than kelley green. And yes, I was clinging to the bench and staring at the horizon. 

But I made it. 


Milford Sound was wonderful, but it was time to say goodbye to my new friends (seriously, everyone I met there was awesome. If you are reading this, Hi Sophie from Ann Arbor!) and all the waterfalls,


and the Keas (alpine parrots) 



And head back to Queenstown for the night to begin the long trek back to Melbourne. Via Christchurch. And Wellington. 


~ by Genevieve on April 22, 2015.

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