Adventuring in New Zealand- part the 12th

“I want to see mountains again, Gandalf! Mountains! And then I want to find a nice quiet place to edit my thesis.” – Bilbo Baggins, Fellowship of the Ring

At least I think he said that. You might want to double check before quoting me on it. 

Today was mostly bus funtime. From 7:30 AM until almost 5 PM I sat on a bus. For the first 40 minutes we didn’t have heat. Since it was only a few degrees above freezing, I had to be prepared. 


We did take a few breaks along the way and the scenery was breathtaking. In case you were worried, here is your last shot of grapevines with mountains in the background:


We travelled over hill and dale. Through misty valleys:


Along the coast:


Turning inland eventually and following the Southern Alps. Finally we made it to Franz Josef, a town of ~400 people and twice that in tourists. 



Including me. This is the view from in front of my hostel. The view fro the main street is even better. 


 I think I’ve found the mountains Bilbo was talking about. Now if I could just finish editing my thesis…


~ by Genevieve on April 15, 2015.

One Response to “Adventuring in New Zealand- part the 12th”

  1. Breathtakingly beautiful! Every day I think that it cannot get more beautiful and then you post more amazing photographs.

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