Adventuring in New Zealand – part the 11th

Things I have discovered when travelling in a country with more sheep than people: 

1. I don’t actually like lamb. It is ok (good, even) in a burger with the right spices, but as plain lamb shanks drenched in gravy, I didn’t like it. It was so rich I felt a little ill after eating it. 

2. Wool makes me itch. If it has come from a sheep, I don’t care how soft you think it is, as soon as it touches my neck it might as well be sand paper. 

So it’s really cold and I didn’t bring a scarf. Instead I had the forethought to send all of my winter(ish) clothes home with my sister in February. (You’re the best, Madeline!). And I’m not just winging. Today’s headline on the Nelson Mail:


It seems a little early to call that, but it was a brisk walk back to the hostel tonight. I could smell the frost in the air. It smells like Hallowe’en. 

Today took me from Renwick in Marlborough wine country to Nelson on the coast. A quick 10km stroll this morning took me past one last winery. This one also presses its own olive oil. Sadly they didn’t have any of that on tasting. They did have a lovely vista of the olive trees and grape vines. 


And little olive trees outside of the tasting room (Sarah, you should do this when you get your house.)



The ride was really hilly and the closest I’ve come so far to motion sickness this trip. I’ve spent hours on boats and buses, but it’s my 1.5 hour trip that almost did me in. In my defence we went through some pretty steep mountains. 



This was taken across the guy sitting next to me and out the window of the moving bus when we were near the top. Fast shutter speed for the win. 

But I made it.  To Nelson: gateway to the Abel Tasman National Park, and location of all of the hops grown in New Zealand. I learned that second bit at the Craft Beer College a few days ago. Nelson the town is cute. It reminds me of Bar Harbor – equal numbers of cafes and outdoor stores, with a few art galleries and clothing boutiques thrown in. Not to mention picturesque in autumn. 



One of these boutiques was of more interest than the others: Jens Hansen is the jeweller who designed The One Ring™. It took 15 versions, but they finally settled on one. It looked good on me. 


Personally, I like to think big:




~ by Genevieve on April 14, 2015.

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  1. Love the New Zealand bling!

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