Adventuring in New Zealand – Part the 7th

Today I got lost in the woods. Although I suppose if I’m going to get lost in the woods (which I almost certainly am, as I have a negative sense of direction) I chose the right place for it. Zealandia is an inland bird sanctuary located in the city of Wellington. There is a free shuttle going from the city to the front door. The main path is paved and there are free guided tours twice a day. Today was a delightful day for a walk in the park. 


And by perfect I mean gross and rainy. The upside was I was the only person on the guided tour – personal tour of the bird park! The downside was I was walking around in the rain. The birds were out too. I got to see a parakeet (kakariki) and a parrot (kaka), as well as most of the birds I saw last Sunday. 


The forest was REALLY green and REALLY wet. After the tour was officially over the guide showed me the feeders he monitors. Apparently there have been several birds recently that he has found twitching on the ground. After a night of observation they are fine. A few days later he saw another bird of the same type eating a mushroom and later falling ill. Turns out the birds were tripping. The fungi are loving the rain. 


Which makes one of us. 



The path up to the feeders was pretty steep and slippery so he pointed out the was back that would take “a little longer”. Please note, I was planning on the 2-3 km loop on paved and gravel paths. Instead, my day became a 10+ km trek up to the ridgeline, along the fault, around the lake, and wherever else the path led me. I became the person (ok one of the people) my mother warned me about: a hiker with inappropriate footwear. 


My feet are sore (total walking today was over 16km) but it really was a beautiful walk. Just better done with hiking boots. 


Before embarking on some work at an Internet cafe I decided to reacquaint myself with city life by visiting Wellington’s very own artisanal soda company, Six Barrels Soda. The ginger ale I had was excellent. I also stopped around the corner at the artisanal chocolaterie. The praline-raspberry mallow was also excellent. 


Dinner and a drink with a friend from GABS, and I feel like I’ve experienced Wellington. I’ve even heard it is not supposed to rain tomorrow. A girl can dream, right?



~ by Genevieve on April 10, 2015.

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