Adventuring in New Zealand – part the 5th

Greetings from sunny Wellington!


And by sunny, mean rainy. And by Wellington, I actually do mean Wellington. 

I spent most of the day at Te Papa, the national museum. It is a fantastic museum.  I took the guided tour which was led by a man named Virgil. Apparently I was secretly in the Decameron. 

The tour covered the geology, flora, fauna, and some human history from the Maori. This included the Moa, which was related to the ostrich/emu and associated others, and which was hunted to extinction before Europeans arrived. 


The eagle in this diorama died out shortly after the Moa because the latter was its main food source. The eagle in the diorama is not to scale – its wingspan should be ~3m. 

I also saw a Maori meeting house and food storage building. There was also a war canoe:


And several examples of Maori flat clubs: 



It is a really beautiful museum. I have been awed since arriving at how much New Zealand as a country acknowledges and accepts its Maori past and present. It is so different from Australia and the USA.  

I finished the day with a beer with a friend from the Great Australian Beer SpecTapular. What better introduction to Wellington?


~ by Genevieve on April 8, 2015.

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