Adventuring in New Zealand – part the 4th

Today was the least exciting day so far (out of all three since I arrived). I packed my stuff in Waitomo and headed to the glow worm caves. Today’s plan was a short cave tour, ending in a boat ride through a different cave than the one I visited yesterday. The tour and cave were good. It was mostly the same thing you get in any cave tour: 100 years/cm^3, stalactites vs stalagmites, limestone formed by compression, etc. etc. Since we were the first tour of the day and a small group (~12 rather than the usual 50), we were allowed into another part of the cave that is usually closed to tourists. Again, the formations were good. Not great. But good. 

The boat ride at the end was more than good. The guide asked us to be silent as she pulled us along using ropes strung across the stream. The only sound was the water lapping on the sides. The glow worms looked like Hogwarts. This cave was smaller but the worms were more densely clustered. Yesterday they were constellations. Today they were the cosmic web. 

Again, no photos allowed in the cave. So I’ll show you the damage my knuckles sustained during black water rafting. 


Not shown: my damaged thumbnail that I’m hoping doesn’t fall off any time soon. 

The silence and the boat were really lovely. But they were no match for reclining in the tube with someone whistling the Star Trek theme song. (Did I mention the singing yesterday?)

The bus came around 10:45. I got to Wellington at about 8:45. For a few hours the scenery was pretty – ocean views and very green foothills. 


I was on the ocean side.  

As we drove into the mountains I managed to sleep for a bit (best way to not get carsick!) but I’m really happy I’m not getting on another bus for a few days 🙂


~ by Genevieve on April 7, 2015.

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