Thinking positive thoughts

I was fully intending on posting about the AMAZING mini-holiday I took in central Australia last weekend, but this week brought not one, but TWO family emergencies. It has been one of those weeks that no one would make up because it sounds so bad. But that’s not why I’m here.

Well, it sort of is. I’m here to thank the awesome people at and qantas who have made this week just a little bit better. They were so understanding and helpful. I also doubt they read my blog. But if they do – thank you!

Citibank, on the other hand, was a pile of useless crap. After being a customer there for 10 years, I’m seriously disappointed in their customer service and travel coverage. They are usually so good, but this time… Not so much.

More important than that, though, I have awesome friends and family. I have friends and family who have called, texted, and emailed from all over the world. A friend who gave my sister a ride so she wouldn’t have to park at the hospital. A friend who showed up at my house tonight with dinner and wine, and another one who showed up in my office yesterday with chocolate. And an amazing housemate who gave me tissues and a shoulder to cry on when I was overwhelmed. And I can’t forget my sister – the other half of my not-suitable-for-other-people conversations. Seriously, if the NSA is listening in, they are either laughing their butts off or seriously grossed out.

I would also like to thank the internet for providing some much needed relief in the form of cat videos, wombats, pinterest’s science and nature page, and this blog post about Abe Lincoln.

Instead of a week in Ireland, I’m heading to Maine. Things seem to be righting themselves, but it will be good to be home. I’ll spend the 50+ hour trip reading, getting some work done, watching movies, and thinking positive thoughts. Because sometimes that’s the only thing you can do.

It's easy to think positively when you're here.

It’s easy to think positively when you’re here.


~ by Genevieve on August 24, 2013.

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