Wherein Mr. Rogers Break Dances and I eat s’mores

Apparently youtube does recommendations now. I was looking for a clip from Psych to show my housemate (I didn’t find it), and this showed up in the list of clips on the side. So I clicked. You should too.

Mr. Rogers makes a good effort and then is suitably impressed by his neighbor Germain. Mr. Rogers is awesome.

Also, after all of the cat videos I have viewed on YouTube, I’m a little surprised that Mr. R got such high billing. Maybe it was the 50 times I watched the remix of Garden of Your Mind.

Unlike Mr. Rogers, I have to wander around my neighborhood to see things. His neighborhood seems to come to him. I’m glad I did some wandering today. I stopped by Target to see if they had any good polar fleeces for my trip next week (they didn’t), but as I was walking by the checkout, I saw bags of AMERICAN MARSHMALLOWS.

Now, there are “marshmallows” in Australia, but they are horrifically sweet, flavoured with either fake vanilla or strawberry, and don’t properly melt in your hot cocoa – all deal breakers. In any case, I have been deprived of my jet-puffed’s for YEARS now. But no longer. I bought two bags and texted my housemate that I would be making s’mores tonight for dessert.

We don’t have a grill, so I had to use the oven broiler. And graham crackers don’t exist here, so I had to use digestives. And I felt that Lindt dark chocolate was really a better option than Cadbury’s. But I managed to put them all together, get the marshmallows perfectly browned (on the top, anyway), and introduce my housemate to the food of my people.

You know what's better than vegemite? S'mores.

You know what’s better than vegemite? S’mores.

Overall, it’s been a good weekend – in addition to seeing Mr. Rogers break dance, I bought my plane ticket home for Christmas (I was using miles so I had to do it early), got a bunch of stuff done around the house, saw the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra play Petrushka, and introduced my housemate to s’mores. But let’s be honest. The last one is really the most important.


~ by Genevieve on August 11, 2013.

One Response to “Wherein Mr. Rogers Break Dances and I eat s’mores”

  1. You were pretty creative in making a s’more – dark chocolate??!. The picture made me want one. Love. L.

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