Surf’s Up! (Wherein I learn to hang ten)

Actually, it was really more like hang six or seven. I came close to ten, but didn’t quite get there.

So, I live in the southern hemisphere, I am a proud member of the 15% (of the Earth’s population that lives south of the equator – not quite as glamorous as the 1%, but we have penguins, so I think it all balances out in the end). The great thing about the southern hemisphere is it is summer right now. As in over 35° Celsius (that’s 95°F for all of you back home). And we have penguins.

My Christmas pengiun

My Christmas pengiun

Since I now have a summer birthday, I had a few people over for a garden party with cake and bubbly, both seasoned liberally with little yellow flowers falling from the tree in our back garden. Over the course of the afternoon, we realized only one of the six of us had ever been surfing, which was weird because everyone knows that Australians surf all the time when they are not riding kangaroos or wrestling crocodiles. So we decided to learn how to surf.

The internet apparently has things besides cat videos (such as porcupine videos), because within it I found Great Ocean Road Surf Tours, who will pick you up in Melbourne, take you to Torquay (first town on the Great Ocean Road), and then spend the day teaching you how to surf.

Somewhere near the start of the Great Ocean Road - it wasn't this sunny when we arrived

Somewhere near the start of the Great Ocean Road – it wasn’t this sunny when we arrived last weekend.

Cut to two weeks later and our drunkenly made plans had actually come to fruition! How often does that happen?

We made it! (at least to the beach and into the wetsuits - no easy task)

We made it! (at least to the beach and into the wetsuits – no easy task)*

Looking back at the pictures, the waves weren’t that big – but when they are walloping you in the face as you are trying to carry your giant surfboard to deeper water, they seem HUGE. We all improved over the course of the day, and I really think that after another day of surfing I’ll be able to stand up. But I also thought the Pats would beat the Ravens, so I might not be the best person to ask about athleticism right now. I did come close, though!

Hanging 7ish.

Hanging 7ish.

We also learned that we make different “surfing faces” – one for paddling, one for concentrating on getting up, and one for that moment when you think you’ve gotten it, but then end up with a mouth full of water. Sofie demonstrates:

Sofie's surfing face

Sofie’s surfing face

As does Rebekah:

So close!

So close!

It was a long day, but an awesome day. It was totally worth the wave/wind/sun burned face. Sometimes it was just as fun to not try to stand up, to just ride the waves, go with the flow…

It's just a really long boogie board...

It’s just a really long boogie board…

…and save hanging 10 for next time.

*Instagrammed by Sofie


~ by Genevieve on January 25, 2013.

4 Responses to “Surf’s Up! (Wherein I learn to hang ten)”

  1. I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So excited that you did this!

  2. Looks like you had a blast!

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