Welcome back to the 21st century

Many years ago, after the advent of internet when the only connection we had was dial up, my friend’s neighbourhood won the internet lottery.  They were lucky to be chosen to receive a wonderful new thing called a “cable” to connect them to the wonderful tubes that make up the internet.  It connected them to the internet faster than we had ever seen. My dad was quite envious of this new, fast connection – although not like the evil step sisters in the fairy tales.  He spoke about it constantly. My friend and I named it “cable modem syndrome”. It manifested as a zombie-like trance “CAAAAABLE MOOOOOOODEEEEEM. CAAAAABLE MOOOOOOODEEEEEM.”

I was still young at the time, so I didn’t mind the dial up. It’s now 15 years later, and I understand. After living with only internet on my phone for two months, I’m happy to say I’ve moved beyond the dial up internet of 1991, beyond the what-ever-we-had-after-that of 1997, and into the 21st century.


No more punch cards for me - I'm living in the now. 21st century, here I come! (census.gov)

Ladies and gentlemen, I HAVE INTERNET!!!!


~ by Genevieve on March 27, 2012.

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