Aaaaaand Penguins

This post was supposed to be about zombies. My officemate and I went to the zombie shuffle and had a great time. I took a ton of photos that I wanted to share, but then my camera battery ran out of charge. Apparently, my charger is plugged into the wall over 10,000 miles away. Not helpful. I ordered a new charger two weeks ago, but it still hasn’t come. Maybe by Christmas I’ll be able to show my Halloween pictures… Until then, let’s talk about penguins.

I like penguins. I loved visiting them at the New England Aquarium when I was a kid (and last summer), watching feeding time, seeing them fly through the water. I loved the March of the Penguins when I first saw it in 2005 and have watched it several times since. I’ve even watched a few episodes of David Attenborough’s Frozen Planet, mostly for the penguins. Basically, penguins are awesome. So a few weeks ago when a friend emailed to ask if I wanted to go down to the beach to see the penguins, I spent about a second thinking before saying yes.

My first penguin friend!

To recap, in case you missed it, you can go to the beach IN MELBOURNE and SEE PENGUINS. It’s not an exhibit, there are just penguins, hanging out in the rocks at the beach. These aren’t the emperor penguins of Antarctica, they are “little penguins” or “fairy penguins” and they are super cute.

They come out at sunset, which was beautiful.

Sunset at St Kilda

I almost convinced my officemate that we should take one and keep it in a refrigerator in our office. I think she though I was joking. But I’ve read Mr. Popper’s Penguins – I know it can be done.

The authorities had other ideas. I'm assuming "no touching" includes not taking them home with me.

I was at the beach again yesterday with some friends and as the sun started to go down, we decided to go see my penguin friends again.

Penguin!!! (Actually two penguins - there was one hiding behind him)

We could hear far more than we could see. One little penguin had his head in a crevice so we could only see his bottom.

He is either so embarrassed he is hiding his head in a rock, or there is something really interesting going on in that cave.

It’s always sad leaving my penguin friends behind, but until I get my penguin sanctuary set up in my office, I’ll have to get by with just this.

A penguin that doesn't need air conditioning!*

I will leave you with the age-old question: is a penguin in my office worth three in the rocks?

* via


~ by Genevieve on November 13, 2011.

7 Responses to “Aaaaaand Penguins”

  1. Oh my goodness G they are so CUTE!!! Instead of a fox for a pet I want a penguin!

  2. They are so adorable. What do they do all day waiting for sunset?

    • I think they are out in the ocean during the day – frolicking around and diving for fish. Forget swimming with the dolphins, I’m going swimming with the penguins!

  3. Too cute! A step up from the plovers. That sunset rivals some good ones I’ve seen around here, too. 🙂

  4. PS post again soon!

    Haha I tried to write this two seconds after the other one and I got a message, “you are posting too quickly, slow down.” What if I just have lots of things that need to be said quickly??!

  5. […] round out the evening, we went to go see the penguins on the pier. We saw one poop. Then it walked through it’s poop. I would have taken a photo, […]

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