Waiting for Irene and Other Thoughts on Maine.

I wasn’t planning on posting much this month. I’m spending August and a bit of September in Somesville – a village of Mount Desert on Mount Desert Island in Maine. Somesville turns 250 this year and is home to a post office, a gas station, one of two stop lights on the island, a repertory theater, a fire station, and a scenic bridge.

Somesville's Scenic Bridge. via panoramio.com

It’s also home to Acadia National Park. Unfortunately, I pinched a nerve in my hip, so I have been unable to avail myself of it’s natural splendor and whatnot. I have to be content with sitting on the porch with the cat and my nook. Since my parents live next door to the park and at the head of Somes Sound, the porch has quite a view:

A view of Sommes Sound from our porch.

As I said earlier – I wasn’t planning on posting much, figuring I wouldn’t have much to write about. In truth, there are always things to write about – I’m just being lazy. My good friend Kathleen has been posting about her vacation in Vancouver – a vacation that actually involves more than yoga and reading on the back porch and letting the cat in and out (the last one is crucial to the wellbeing of the screen door, if not an actualy excuse for not blogging). If she is having a wonderful and busy time and still manages to post, then I can take time away from my nook and post too. (And this gives me a chance to look at the awesome cover I got for it, too!)

My new nook has a cover! And it's purple!

So I could use this opportunity to talk about the preparations my family is making for the impending hurricane – and my mother does seem rather excited about it – but I don’t think that’s going to happen. The hurricane will happen, I mean, but my family’s preparation for these things is usually along the lines of:

me: Should we get some bottled water or something? Maybe stock up on canned food in case the power goes out?

My mom: We should get the materials for the craft project we were talking about.

My dad: Oh yeah – there’s a hurricane coming. We should eat the ice cream.

Roxie the Cat: Yawn. (licks leg of nearest human)

(Ice cream gets eaten.)

~ by Genevieve on August 26, 2011.

2 Responses to “Waiting for Irene and Other Thoughts on Maine.”

  1. Haha! That’s the same nook cover I have! Nook buddies.

    Sorry, it’s the Friday before a hurricane and my brain does not really have the ability to process much more than “Oh look. Her nook cover is like my nook cover.”

    Good luck with the hurricane.

    • Stay safe! Luckily you are on a bit of a hill, which should help if flooding occurs. At tis point all you can do is drink some dark and stormies and wait it out…

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