Road Trip Across America – Part the last

Washington, DC to Boston, MA

Miles Driven: ~450

As I sweltered in the shade of our nation’s most phallic monument yesterday, I realized I was tired. Part of me said it was the heat, but I knew that it was mainly that I’d traveled a long way and I was still far from home. I had left this week more open than past weeks, and the lack of planning got me: all of my friends in NYC, my next stop, were busy. So I came home.

The Washington Monument to Washington's... er...

As soon as I reached Newark, I started getting excited. There is always a rush of adrenalin as I get close to New York, and this time was no exception. It stayed with me all the way through the city – which is good, because I made a wrong turn and to punish me, the nav took me through some of the more exciting streets of Manhattan and the Bronx. I am interested in what algorithm the Garmin uses to evaluate “avoid traffic”+”fastest time”. When I had these settings, the estimated time from DC to New Haven (6ish hours on google maps) was 11 hours. Clearly the “avoid traffic” bit meant go all the way back to West Virginia and avoid all population centers larger than 10,000 people. I changed the settings to fuel efficiency and the estimated arrival time dropped by 5 hours.

The George Washington Bridge behind a city bus.

I did stop in New Haven to see the wonderful Ann Marie. She showed me her new apartment (it’s adorable), we had a quick dinner and caught up a bit. I wish we had had more time, but I didn’t want to drive too much in the dark.

Having sold my soul for the road tolls in Maryland, Delaware, and New Jersey, I saw my first sign for Boston at 7:05. I was passing through Hartford so I turned on the radio to listen to the baseball game. They are winning 15-10 right now. A nice welcome home present.

That hill over there - that's Massachusetts.


~ by Genevieve on July 18, 2011.

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