Road Trip Across America – Part the seventeenth

Washington, DC

Miles Driven: We took the bus!

My sister is magical. Last night when we went to see Harry Potter, our ticket purchase hadn’t gone through and the 9:20 show was sold out. Then, like magic, the ticket seller told us of a 9:40 show. A show, I might add, which hadn’t been listed anywhere. She made a show appear out of thin air. This by itself was pretty impressive. Today we just barely missed the bus downtown to take us back home. The next bus was not supposed to come for another 25 minutes. Then, like magic, one showed up 12 minutes early! She’s magical, I tell you. Magical.

Today it was hot and humid in our nation’s capitol. It wasn’t as hot as it had been, nor probably as humid, but it was pretty painful nonetheless. Since we hadn’t done anything yesterday, we decided to experience the District. With coffee and a muffin (and a bagel and lemonade for her), we braced ourselves for the heat and headed downtown. After making friends with the bus driver, who was very excited that I was so excited at taking pubic transportation that took me where I wanted to go, when I wanted to go there! we disembarked at the White House.

While I was looking at this...

They were watching soccer inside.

We passed a few more monuments en route to the purpose of our downtown adventure: paddleboat-ing!!!!

Safety First!

We get into the boat, and are 30 seconds from the dock, and Madeline, my magical sister, says “this is substantially less entertaining than I thought it would be”. I’m not sure what she was expecting. She warmed up to it (probably mostly due to the heat than to actually enjoying peddling and boat) and really got into it when we were drifting later.

Floating with a view.

We walked around some more, seeing lots of important buildings and monuments and all the fun things that one sees on a trip to DC. I’ve visited several times recently, so I feel I’ve “done” the monuments, but I got two new ones this trip. The first was the George Mason memorial, which has been there a while, but I apparently have missed. There we had a great interaction with an “Amurican” who extolled the virtues of Mr. Mason. Further around the tidal basin, we found a new monument opening in August, dedicated to Martin Luther King, Jr. We obviously couldn’t walk through it, but I leaned through the fence and got a picture.

MLK, jr - coming to a tidal basin near you.

Once more, we met up with cousin Jana and company and saw a few more monuments. The heat of the day was finally getting to us and we headed for home. Hot and tired, we had almost made it to the bus stop when we saw a Cosi and Madeline decided that she couldn’t go on without a Diet Coke. So we stopped. The AC felt SO GOOD. Madeline purchased her cup and went to the soda machine to fill it up, waiting for a Secret Service agent to get his soda. The ice machine was jammed, so he gave up and just had his fountain drink neat. Madeline steps up and does what she does best – getting what she wants. And she wanted ice. She started jamming a straw up the ice machine to loosen the ice and managed to get a cupfull. The machine was still jammed and the Secret Service agent came back for a second round with the ice machine, after seeing Madeline’s success. He started hitting the machine and broke it! The top fell off on his face! His friend took it off his face as he continued to hit the ice chute. The friend agent brought over a plastic knife and the ice agent started jamming it up the chute, as Madeline did with the straw. The direct result was the same – the ice came out. The parameters, however, were very different, as ice agent still had a cup full of soda. As the ice came out, the soda splashed everywhere. Madeline vs. Ice Machine – Madeline wins. Secret Service vs. Ice Machine – Ice Machine wins.

Empanadas for dinner, frozen yogurt for dessert, and now settling down on the couch for the Mummy Returns – overall, an excellent day.

Pink grapefruit yogurt with mango - yum!


~ by Genevieve on July 17, 2011.

2 Responses to “Road Trip Across America – Part the seventeenth”

  1. so how deep was the water? I am so glad you were wearing your safety gear!

    Now I know who to turn to when I have difficulty with a soda machine. Great job Madeline!

    Love to you both. L.

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