Road Trip Across America – Parts the fourteenth and fifteenth

I was too tired to blog on Friday and then WAY too tired yesterday. I think the traveling is getting to me. Over two weeks on the road is exhausting, even if you do get to stop in Bloomington and hang out with awesome people.

Part the Fourteenth:

Bloomington, IN

Miles Driven: 0

Another mellow day in Bloomington. Kes and I made key lime pie, took Emmie to the Cranial-Sacrum therapist, went to a winery, and then had a cookout with a bunch of their friends.

First: The pies. I had never made key lie pie before, but that’s okay because Martha Stewart helped us. It was really simple, although we made three so I had to separate 12 eggs. Also, they were a good thing to bake because they don’t bake for long. Emmie was dressed in green for the occasion.

Emmie dressed in lime green

Baby craniosacral therapy involved getting Emmie to stretch her spine and working out tension in her jaw. I’m not sure what the underlying laying hands/flowing energy elements are, but Emmie really had a workout from all of the stretching. It seemed a bit chiropractic in nature.

After the pies were baked and Emmie was craniosacraled, we set out for Oliver Winery. Bloomington is a quiet college town – especially in the summer – there are not a lot of tourist draws. Oliver Winery was a pleasant surprise. We chose the wines we wanted to taste (free tasting!) then bought a bottle of the blackberry wine to drink out on the patio. It was a warm sunny day, but it was perfect picnic weather in the shade.

Enjoying the vineyard, but not the wine (at least not for another 20 years and 9 and a half months)

And the whole Schwab Family:

My cousins.

The cookout was fun. We finally got to eat the pies. They were good.

Part the Fifteenth

Bloomington, IN to Washington, DC

(via Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, West Virginia again, and Maryland)

Miles driven: ~640

Wow, was that a long drive. I did it in 12 hours and 20 minutes. It was 10 hours of actual driving, an hour and a half of getting gas and (brief) sightseeing, and almost an hour of DC traffic. I said goodbye to Kes and Emmie this morning and set off at five to seven. Indiana was a little foggy and the sun had not completely risen. I skirted around Indianapolis on side roads which had an etherial, mythical feel. Living in Santa Barbara, fog becomes routine, but this was a foggy wooded road and it was a little creepy looking (but really neat).

Other than stopping for gas, I did the first five hours of driving straight through. Ohio was more farmland. There were pretty wildflowers by the side of the highway. I recognized the queen ann’s lace, but not the purple one. I didn’t stop to get a better view. I did stop at the John Glenn historical site in New Concord, Ohio. His childhood home is now a museum where an actor dressed as 16 year old John Glenn takes you through the house as though you were a renter looking to live there. I didn’t have time for the full tour, but they were not that busy at noon on a Friday in the middle of summer, so they graciously agreed to give me an abbreviated tour where I didn’t have to keep a straight face at the actor, and instead he talked to me like a visitor to the museum. It was a nice stop, but now worth going out of your way for.

John Glenn's childhood home - he turns 90 this week.

I made it through Ohio in good time, forded the Ohio river (oxen survived), and headed into West Virginia. My time in West Virginia (round one) was slightly longer than my usual time in New Hampshire, but only because I stopped for gas. The road took me up to Pennsylvania, which was under construction (yes, the whole state seemed under construction), but then back to West Virginia for round two. This was a beautiful drive. The mountains are smaller and older than out west, but greener and more rolling. It’s all a matter of scale, anyway. I wanted to stop and walk through the parks, but I had miles to go before I slept. So I took a photo from my car.

Country roads, take me home...

Maryland was also quite scenic, but my time there was notable for another reason. On this trip, I’ve kept my eye out for interesting signs, attractions, etc. In the heartland, there were several god-themed billboards. As of this morning, the title of best god-sign was a tie between the eagle and flag billboard with “America, Bless God” on it from Illinois and the 10 commandments on two adjacent billboards in Indiana. But Maryland took it away with… Noah’s Ark.

Noah's Ark is being built in Maryland. (via

It’s not a billboard, I know, but a rusted hull of part of a recreation of Noah’s Ark. That not only takes dedication to the cause, but also a fair amount of creativity.

Finally I made it to DC (actually Eastern Maryland) and hit stand still traffic. Luckily, my nav system (thanks, parents!) has an “avoid highways” setting. It’s already on an “avoid traffic” setting, which has taken me through weird back ways to places that could be more easily reached on highways. So I took a tour of Chevy Chase, MD and FINALLY made it to Madeline’s. Our cousin Jana was also in town seeing some friends, so we all met up and went out for dinner and drinks. After waking up at 6AM, I fell into bed at 3AM. LONG DAY.


~ by Genevieve on July 16, 2011.

2 Responses to “Road Trip Across America – Parts the fourteenth and fifteenth”

  1. OMG you’re on the East Coast!! Finally. Must feel pretty good. Anna gave me a cornucopia of wonderful gifts from you today! Lots of thoughts of Genevieve today, only just not enough Internet to say lots of thank yous. Expect a real note soon.

    • It feels so good to be back East. It’s going to be hard to leave in September, but I’m really enjoying it now. I’m glad you like your housewarming gift!

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