Road Trip Across America – Part the thirteenth


More of a fist-sucker than a thumb sucker...


Emmie in her dress from great-great-aunt Paula

The internet is being fussy, so I can’t show you the good pictures of the picturesque Emmeline. For now, these will have to do.

Kes and I went to her New Moms group today. SO MANY BABIES. I’m not really a baby person (Emmie and Felix aside) so I’m a bit babied out. I am now terrified of all sorts of things I didn’t realize I needed to be worried about. I’m amazed humanity has survived when so many things can go wrong.

Emmie was super adorable all day. I’m not Emmie’d out yet. She’s far less fussy than the internet.

Kes and I did take a baby break and go to pilates. It made me miss Asha and Renee, but it felt good to stretch after weeks in the car.


~ by Genevieve on July 13, 2011.

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