Road Trip Across America – Part the twelfth

Bloomington, IN

Miles Driven: 0

It is hot and sticky in Bloomington. We are waiting for the rain to come – there was thunder and lightning earlier, but no rain yet. Emmy’s gone to bed, and we are watching the All Star Game. While my day was very fun (we hung out at Barnes and Nobles for the air conditioning), it’s not really blog worthy. Also, the internet is being fussy, so I can’t upload any pictures. Instead, I feel the need to discuss baseball statistics.

It’s no secret to anyone who has ever met me ever that I am a bit of a Red Sox fan. Just a bit. I love watching games, I even like listening to games, I like reading articles about my favorite players, and youtube-ing plays (and fights) that I missed.

I even like the statistics – on base percentage, hitting average, ERA, opposing batting average, etc. I find useful in evaluating the opposing team. I found it interesting when the Cubs played the Red Sox recently and it was the first time the Cubs had been at Fenway Park since the 1918 World Series. Or when a perfect game is pitched, it’s nice to be reminded of how rare they are. What I don’t get, though, are the statistics that don’t mean anything. These are the statistics that make people say “baseball is just dumb statistics”.

What are these statistics of which I speak, you ask? Well, how about “This is the first All Star homerun since 2008”? If this were said in 2018, it might be a little interesting. If this were said in 2028, it would be really interesting. But it was said in 2011. Since Adrien Gonzales’s homerun, Prince Fielder has also scored one. So, in the past three and 5/9 games, there have been at least three homeruns. This leads me to the question that should always be asked before ever saying a statistic out loud on national television: WHO CARES? Every time you give a statistic like that, you sound dumb and are taking a perfectly good field of mathematics down with you.

In the mean time, even though my AL is losing to the NL, I’ll stand by the one baseball stat I truly believe:

There is no crying in baseball.


~ by Genevieve on July 12, 2011.

One Response to “Road Trip Across America – Part the twelfth”

  1. You learned at least one thing from your Dad! No crying in baseball!

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