Road Trip Across America – Part the eleventh

Madison, WI to Bloomington, IN

Miles driven: ~400

There was thunder and lightning when I woke up in Madison. The view from Laura’s apartment was gray and icky, in contrast to yesterday’s view.

The view from above (yesterday).

I got on the road and headed off to Bloomington. I drove and I drove and I drove and I drove. The rest of Wisconsin was a bit rainy, but it cleared up when I got to Illinois. Unfortunately, that meant I could see Illinois in all of its non-Chicago glory. It’s flat. Really flat. Here’s how flat it is:

Flat and Empty. Just like this picture.

It’s as flat as your computer screen (assuming you are not using a CRT from 50 billion years ago). I don’t even need to show you a picture.

I have come to realize that farm architecture is pretty consistent across the country. And that hardware stores must run out of “Farm House Red” really frequently in this part of the world. For my readers who have never seen a farmhouse, even in a movie, this is what they look like.

This is what a farmhouse looks like.

I stopped for gas near Bloomington, IL. It was about 95 degrees with a heat index of death. I walked into the mini-mart to get a soda, and what did I see?

Winter jackets from Boston. In 95 degree heat in Illinois.

And they were only $24! If my car weren’t totally full, and I weren’t moving to Australia, I might have even gotten one. Probably not, though.

My nav was set to avoid traffic, so I took back country high ways again. These were actually a nice change from the flat cornfields of central Illinois. Now I got to see the corn up close and personal. I also drove through Greencastle, home of a “Buzz Bomb” – a German built precursor to a cruise missile. They put it up in front of the court house as a WWII memorial.

WWII Buzz Bomb

Finally, I got to where I was going – Bloomington, IN. Home of the University of Indiana AND the Schwabs. This time, not only did I get to see Kes and Del, but also the new, improved Schwab – Emmie!



~ by Genevieve on July 11, 2011.

2 Responses to “Road Trip Across America – Part the eleventh”

  1. This time it’s not about you, it’s about the baby. Where did she learn how to smile like that??? TOO CUTE!

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