Road Trip Across America – Part the tenth

Minneapolis, MN to Madison, WI

Miles Driven: ~270

After breakfast, I hit the road again. Minneapolis to Madison, WI is one of my shorter drives, and I didn’t stop other than for gas. It was great being back on the interstate – minimum of two whole lanes of traffic in each direction. If I wanted to pass someone, I could shift lanes and go ahead. I didn’t need to worry about going into the lane of oncoming traffic. It was wonderful. Minnesota ended fairly quickly after I got out of Minneapolis. As soon as Wisconsin started, the roads got better. If I hadn’t known which state was shut down due to a budget crisis, I could have quickly figured it out by the lack of thu-thump thu-thump thu-thump as soon as I crossed state lines. Minnesota was quite nice in having a sign that thanked me for coming and asking me to come back.

High points of the drive were mostly signs advertising “Cheese – Next Exit”, the “Cheese Chalet”, and “Beer – 24/7” at a gas station. There was one bumper sticker of note. It was on a trailer of a truck that I followed for about 50 miles through WI. It asked “Have you hugged a mechanical contractor today?”. And I would like to know, have you?

Wisconsin has rolling green hills of farms and other green stuff. It’s nature – I don’t know what it is. It made for a much needed change from the vast plains of South Dakota and fields of corn of Minnesota. It also made driving a little more interesting because there were hills and curves in the roads. Not huge hills or curves, but something’s better than nothing. It rained for a bit and Wisconsinites are much better about the headlight/windshield wiper correlation than South Dakotans, but I do think it could still be a little more prevalent. Unfortunately, it was still raining a bit when I hit the Wisconsin Dells, so I skipped them. I’ve seen quite a few geological formations recently, so I’m okay with that decision. It was clear again when I hit Madison.

I met up with friends Christine and Laura. We were the three girls in most of our physics classes in undergrad. After figuring out that Christine and I were at a different Espresso Royale on State Street than Laura was, we finally managed to meet up and had a lovely afternoon.

Laura and Christine at the Capitol building

After finishing our giant coffees and teas (36 oz – Laura is an experimentalist so she just measured it), we walked around a bit and went for dinner at the Old Fashioned for some good Wisconsin fried cheese curds.

Cheese curds - like mozzarella sticks, but cheddar and nugget-shaped

Another lovely day in the midwest. Now time for some homebrew.


~ by Genevieve on July 10, 2011.

One Response to “Road Trip Across America – Part the tenth”

  1. Go Wisconsin! Now on to visit your lovely cousin in Indiana šŸ™‚

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