Road Trip Across America – Part the second

Flagstaff, AZ

miles driven: none (by me)

Today was the Grand Canyon. It was Grand. Our guide made us cover our eyes as we walked up so we could see it for the first time when we were at a good vantage point. It was amazing. See:

My First View of the Grand Canyon

We made 7 stops around the Canyon, including one where we took a short hike down. It was only .8 miles along, but it was really steep with several switchbacks and 100 degree heat below the rim. Luckily, it was shady for large portions of it, otherwise several of us would have passed out. The view was spectacular, and the hike totally worth it.

View from the top

We left before the sunset, but the shadows were starting to come out. Again, it was a really nice view.

Desert View.

I took these photos with my phone (I have better ones on my camera), but I don’t think any photos can do this place justice. I have been fighting a sense of scale all day – but in the opposite way to the xkcd guys.

Time for a few postcards and bed. Tomorrow I’m off to Santa Fe – I’m pretty sure the Newsies soundtrack will be played at least once on the way there.


~ by Genevieve on July 2, 2011.

One Response to “Road Trip Across America – Part the second”

  1. These view are AMAZING. I’ve never been anywhere like that. Keep on posting!

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