San Francisco – Citizen sky conference, part deux (more museum)

I needed to put up more photos to show how awesome the California Academy of Sciences is. Here they are:

The aquarium was in the lower level starting below the rainforest and extending over to below the planetarium. There were paths around the rainforest and planetarium and below them were the tanks. It was pretty neat-o.


Overhead view of the aquarium under the rainforest

The planetarium is less exciting from the outside. The whale was cool, though.


The planetarium and a whale

Ok, I never saw him move, but people swore he was alive. This was taken below the water level (from the aquarium level rather than the first floor – although you could see the top of the “swamp” from the first floor). The reflection made this guy that much more bizarre.


How many museums do you know have a live albino aligator?

The roof is covered in native plants and attracts butterflies and bees and all sorts of birds. It keeps the building cooler (although on the day I took this, it’s pretty clear that it was plenty cool already) than a traditional roof. The holes let in sunlight for the rainforest and the interior. This is a great design because the museum is mostly open during the day so it cuts down on the electricity. There were also solar panels, but you can’t see them here (and they don’t do much in a San Francisco summer).


The living roof and the San Francisco summer clouds

I didn’t take any photos of inside the rain forest, so these outside ones will have to do. I went in on Thursday night during NightLife, and, well, it was awesome. Each level is a different rain forest and there are birds and butterflies throughout. You walk around a path that spirals up, then take an elevator down to the aquarium. It was so lively and colorful and beautiful. And you would not believe how frizzy my hair was when I got out.


The rain forest.

Isn’t this just an awesome piece of architecture?


An outside view of the rain forest.

These guys are just awesome. That’s all I have to say about this.


Jelly fish!

It’s an awesome museum. If you have the time, are in San Francisco, and have $29 to spend on entrance, I highly recommend it. Highly.

I will put up some more information about the workshop, but this has been a rather hectic week. Maybe next week.


~ by Genevieve on September 5, 2010.

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