San Francisco – Citizen Sky workshop

The beautiful Meredith and I are in San Francisco right now at the Citizen Sky workshop, run by the AAVSO. I have not really delved into stellar before, so this has been interesting. I am also fascinated by how many people there are who contribute to the project. More information at Citizen Sky. More importantly than what brought us to San Francisco, we are in San Francisco. I love this city. The fog has been spectacular (hence the small number of photos), the food has been excellent, and the science has been interesting.


The classiest hotel (we could afford)


When I pulled into the parking lot of the Geary Parkway Motel, I was worried. There was the sign that had clearly not been updated in 60 years, the parking lot was tiny, the lobby was sketchy, etc. I chose this hotel because it had what no where in SF seems to have – free parking. I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised by the hotel. The bathroom was nicer and more modern than the bathroom in my house (ok, not a fair comparison, but it’s nicer than the bathroom in the brand new building I lived in last year). And, again, the parking was free. It was also only a mile or so from the California Academy of Science in Golden Gate Park, where the work shop is.

The meet and greet was on Thursday at the Academy. It was great. The people were interesting, and it was during a “Night Life” event. The museum holds (monthly?) events where incredibly hip young people come and hang out at the museum. We were amazed at how excellent the museum is, how hip the crowd was, and how awesome the DJs were. There were DJs. And music. And a rainforest. And a swamp. And an aquarium. And a planetarium. And some other exhibits. It is a spectacular building and a really well done museum.


Meredith, the pinnacle of evolution.

There were also the necessary taxidermied animals in almost-sort-of-realistic settings. These were less exciting, but I did take the chance to point out how evolved women in science are.


Angel Fish!

The aquarium was also pretty great. It’s smaller than places devoted to just fish, but it is very wel done. There are penguins, fish of all shapes and sizes (from a sea bass – a big, ugly, tasty looking dude – to tiny little sand crabs and everything in between), a petting tank (I liked the purple starfish), and so many others. I am hoping it is sunny tomorrow during lunch, so I can walk around and take more pictures. This is a great natural science museum. We are going to the planetarium tonight. I’m excited.


~ by Genevieve on September 4, 2010.

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