Baseball! August Dodgers Game

A Phillies fan in a lab in my department wanted to go to a baseball game. Even though I have always been an AL-East-north-of-Connecticut fan, I thought it would be fun to tag along. About 12 of us headed south to Dodger Stadium to watch the match-up. It was awesome. I admit, part of me went to yell at Manny Ramirez, but he had the nerve to be traded to the White Sox the DAY before the game.


Old School Baseball Game


Fun with camera effects!

We left Saint Babs at 2 to avoid traffic. To fill in the time, we started at Good Micro Brew Grill about a mile from the stadium. Pretty delicious.


Pink Elephants and Beer!

When we finally got to the stadium, my mind was boggled. Boggled I tell you. A stadium with its OWN parking lot?!? What is this wonderful idea? People don’t always park in gas stations and various businesses? And parking costs under $30? Woah. It took me a few days to process this one.


Dodgers Stadium has its own parking lot. Woah.

The stadium is really nice. There are views of the mountains (although here they are covered by smog), “stadium” seating, etc. We were pretty high up, but really close to the field.


View of the outfield.

As at any stadium, the Dodgers have their share of “interesting” fans.


Chico's Bail Bonds - Let Freedom Ring. Classy

The Phillies lost, (almost in a no hitter shut out), but it was an excellent evening.


The scoreboard and the view.


~ by Genevieve on September 4, 2010.

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