Update: Eternal search for the perfect couch

I have found my couch and am quite pleased with it. The amazing purple couch is off the ‘List, which, I hope, means it found a good home somewhere in the greater Saint Babs region. The search continues, though, for a good friend who just moved into a studio. The studio came furnished with what has (kindly) been described as “waiting room chic”. (ok, I added the chic myself, it’s pretty much just waiting room. It really is a great apartment, the furniture is just a little too reminiscent of a doctor’s anteroom, without the decades old selection of highlights magazine.)

The search has been renewed with gusto. And we found this:

Maybe the colors just don't photograph well?

For $50, you too can have your own piece of 70’s/Hawaiian shirt style Ikea furniture. This seems like the worst of both worlds. Ikea, so it’s not great quality (although after reading Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, I have a whole new appreciation for Sweden and Ikea), and 1970’s color scheme so it’s, well, ugly. Hawaiian shirts are an issue all on their own, but as they seem to be the apparel of choice (along with socks and sandals) of some of the older men in my department, we will leave off this discussion for another time and return to the 1970’s. There is a reason the 1980’s retaliated against the colors of the 70’s with the only weapons powerful enough to block them out – neon and day-glo (although, can they really be counted as separate?).

The advert says “no stains, holes, or discolorations”. I can only imagine a discoloration would improve it.

Well, if it’s Ikea, there is a slip-cover for it.


~ by Genevieve on August 27, 2010.

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