A perfect summer dinner

I am hosting a brunch tomorrow for several of my favorite Santa Barbarians, but I haven’t taken pictures yet. Recipes for large groups are plentiful and easy to come by between the intertron and my set of IRL*, paper-based cookbooks. Instead, I will share my favorite dinner I made this week. I had this a few days ago and had to take the pictures because the colors were just so pretty. It’s a really easy “recipe” and variations of it are my go to for, ok, every other dinner since moving to SoCal (and many before). Because I made dinner for just myself, this is just a single serving. Clearly this can be scaled to however many people you need to feed.

I cut up a red pepper and a gorgeous heirloom tomato, tossed them with some olive oil, and arranged them around a single serving of salmon. I felt lazy and used my phone rather than my nice camera. My phone does not do low light very well, so the shots are a bit blurry.


The prep

After salting and peppering them, I cooked them at 350 until the salmon was, well, cooked. I think it took about 8 minutes, but this was a very thin piece of fish. It wasn’t sushi-grade, in fact, it was a single frozen serving from Albertsons, so it was going to be cooked all the way through.


The result

I ate it as I eat so many meals – over a bed of fresh spinach (usually from Trader Joe’s – I go through at least 1.5 bags a week).

The only thing more satisfying than my beautifully crafted meal (total creation time – less than 15 minutes from start to finish), was the left-over cheesecake from Sunday’s dinner, with raspberry goo on top.


Et Fin.

*IRL – In Real Life. As in, outside of the internets.


~ by Genevieve on August 20, 2010.

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