The eternal search for the perfect couch

Ok, my search is over. I bought a couch a little over a week ago (same day I bought my car – it was a productive, albeit expensive, day). I had lived couchless for a month at that point. I was willing to wait until we found a third roommate, to see if he/she had furniture (he didn’t), and then I was willing to wait for a good deal on Craig’s List. I was willing to spend up to $100, but needed it to be delivered, or $70 if I had to rent a truck. (I’m a girl on a budget). It had to come from a non-smoking home and be free from any weird stains.

My first attempt is sitting in my garage waiting for some unsuspecting undergraduate to need a futon. It was ugly and uncomfortable, but for some reason, I stil bought it. I suffer from delusions of making things nicer. (I also have 2 chairs in my back patio needing paint stripped and then a fresh coat to attest to this). I finally gave up on that idea, and was back to square 1. On the way, I found couches that I really wondered why people bought them in the first place. Examples:

This one is no longer listed.

I think I sold wrapping paper in this pattern in 4th grade.

For the fair price of $75 (with enough left over to re-cover the cushions):

Wooden arms on something that is not a futon?

I don’t understand why every other couch in CL is leather. Why? It was $375 for a couch, a loveseat, and an ottoman. At least you get a lot of seating room…

Why, pray tell, are there so many leather couches in Santa Barbara?

And this one I just don’t understand. Not at all.

Between the bamboo arms and the early 90s fabric, I don't know where to start

And they are asking $225 for it? Really?

But then there are the gems. And I mean GEMS. We’re not talking pottery barn for under a hundred (although that would be a Craig’s List score for the records), we’re not talking the settee that happens to match the ugly furniture you are trying to phase out (that would be a step backwards), we’re talking the score of the century. We’re talking the greatest couch ever to grace a Southern Californian living room. We’re talking the couch that friends would take pictures of on their iphone4’s and email it to their moms or tweet about.

I would die happy if I had this in my living room.

The most amazing couch ever.

Unfortunately, I had already purchased a replacement for the uncomfortable, ugly thing in the garage. It’s solid and light gray. Two corners are a little worn, but we have a cat, so it would happen anyway. It’s nothing a throw blanket won’t fix. Maybe it can be a purple velvet throw blanket…


~ by Genevieve on August 17, 2010.

3 Responses to “The eternal search for the perfect couch”

  1. that is the ultimate Genevieve couch. No question.

  2. It is the ultimate couch, period.

  3. In case anyone is keeping score, the bamboo couch is still on the ‘List, now down to $195.

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