So I tried to buy a car today…

It didn’t end up happening.  I came REALLY close, though, and I am sure the salesman thought I was going to cave.  Unfortunately for him, he is a 22 year old guy, and there are few people on this earth who can intimidate me, and even fewer who can intimidate me into spending that much money on a car.  He made one awkward comment about how nice my legs are, but then gave up.  Poor guy.  But not really.

Because one should never go shopping on an empty stomach, before going to the dealership, I stopped at Del Valle Grill in Old Town Goleta.  I would have done the usual take a photo of the outside, take a photo of the decor, take a photo of the food thing that people usually do for blogs, but the outside was rather non-descript, the inside was notable for its cleanliness, and the food was a burrito wrapped in foil.  It tasted REALLY good though.  While I like places that put a ton of veggies in the burrito, I appreciate the simplicity of rice, beans, and carne asada.  They even had a selection of fresh salsas for me to pick the onions out of!

I might go back and get the car.  I might not.  I really should get on the whole California-car-driving bandwagon, though.


~ by Genevieve on August 6, 2010.

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